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the Vernal Equinox, 20 March, 2001 CE
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The Magicians of the Golden Dawn
A Documentary History of a Magical Order 1887-1923

Ellic Howe

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In spite of Howe’s self-impressed tone of rationalistic superiority and his obvious bias on subjective matters, he is a superb researcher of historical fact, and three decades after its first publication, this remains the most thorough history of the dates and records of the early days of the Golden Dawn. However, be warned that even the choice and reportage of the facts is coloured by Howe’s need to depict the Magicians as delusional eccentrics and his nearly total inability to appreciate the legitimate achievements of the Order and its members.APF

Table of Contents

Foreword by Gerald Yorke ix
Preface xxi
Acknowledgments xxvii
1 Suspect Documents 1
2 The Rosicrucian Society of England 26
3 The Three Chiefs 34
4 The Golden Dawn in the Outer 1888-96 45
5 Some Initiates 61
6 The Second Order 75
7 The Second Order Diaries 1892-3 91
8 Magical Operations 104
9 Uneasy Relationships 1893-6 110
10 The Petition 139
11 The Magical Progress of Frederick Leigh Gardner 145
12 Complications Galore 159
13 Before the Crisis 1897-9 187
14 Rebellion in London 203
15 The Battle of Blythe Road 219
16 The Interregnum 233
17 The Stella Matutina 252
18 All Ends in Confusion 273
Postscript 284
Appendix I Cypher MS.—First leaf of Neophyte Ritual 286
II The Practicus Adeptus Minor Curriculum 288
III W. B. Yeats (Demon Est Deus Inversus) 290
IV The Second Order’s Membership Roll 292
V Mathers’s Ahathoor Temple at Paris 295
VI Short List of Mottoes 296
Index 299
Publication Information

Howe, Ellic, The Magicians of the Golden Dawn.

First edition:

London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1972.
306+xxviii pp, illus.
ISBN 0-71007-339-9

Second ed.:

New York: Samuel Weiser, Inc. 1978.
306+xxviii pp, illus.
ISBN 0-87728-369-9

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