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Welcome to the Hermetic Fellowship
Hermetic Book Resources...
This site is dedicated to serving as a general resource for students and practitioners of the Western Hermetic Tradition, and as a specific resource for the Alexandrine Temple of the Hermetic Fellowship, located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

This list is provided as an informational resource. Though some truly fine booksellers and publishers are listed here, not all that are listed are well known to the Hermetic Fellowship. Therefore, the appearance of a resource in this listing does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the Hermetic Fellowship. Caveat Quæstor et emptor.

Bullet amazon.com
Seattle, WA.
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet http://www.powells.portland.or.us/
Powell’s City of Books. Portland, OR. “The largest used & new bookstore in the world.” A true Hermetic mecca in Portland.
Link Updated 10/03
Bullet AddALL
“Book Search and Price Comparison. Be smart: don't buy any book without comparing the price. Save your TIME and MONEY with in your book shopping.”
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet Phanes Press
Grand Rapids, MI, USA. “Phanes Press was founded in 1985 to publish quality books on the spiritual, philosophical, and cosmological traditions of the Western world. Our current focus is publishing interdisciplinary books that explore the intersections between cosmology, philosophy, myth, culture, and the creative spirit.”
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet Llewellyn Publishers
St. Paul, MN, USA. “New Worlds of Mind and Spirit.”
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet Red Wheel / Weiser
Since Red Wheel bought Weiser, the website has become essentially a nonentity.
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet Pratum Book Company
Healdsburg, CA, USA. “Cosmology • Hermetic Philosophy • Pagan Religion • Spirituality • Psychology • Psychic Research. Out of Print & Antiquarian Books & MSS. Important New Scholarship.”
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet Chthonios Books
Hastings, England, UK. “Chthonios Books : serving the esoteric research community since 1985. Chthonios Books was established in 1985 to provide serious scholarly materials for people doing research into western esoteric traditions. Chthonios is run by Stephen Ronan, and I deal with all your requests and queries myself, so you always get a personal service!”
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet Kessinger Publishing
Kila, MT, USA. “We reincarnate Ancient Wisdom by publishing Thousands of previously out-of-print philosophical books. Many of our illuminating books have been out-of-print for over 100 years. These books are hard-to-find classics and represent many of the finest philosophical authors and metaphysical works of the last several centuries.”
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet J.D. Holmes Booksellers
Edmonds, WA, USA.
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet Ballantrae Metaphysical Reprints
Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet Procurers of the Obscure
“Books & Herbs Company
In 1991 we created our business as a safe resource for unique information and retail venue for individuals whose lives are rich with interest about life's mysteries and alternatives.”
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet Horned Owl Publishing: Quality Pagan Books
Victoria, BC, Canada. “Merry Meet! We are a small publishing company specializing in quality books on Earth-centred spirituality, Aboriginal European religions, and the Western Mystery Tradition. We are dedicated to publishing a variety of books: high quality academic books, children's books, general books, handbooks and chapbooks, books for families who are raising their children in these spiritual paths, books for both the seeker and the sage, and books which further understanding between members of different faiths.”
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet Bodhi Tree Bookstore
Hollywood, CA, USA. “Melrose Avenue is one of the most colorful streets in Hollywood. It is famous for its majestic blue and green Pacific Design Center, its modern art galleries, its glamorous eateries and its high fashion outlets. But for all its trendiness, Melrose also boasts a heart formed by one of its oldest landmarks, The Bodhi Tree Bookstore.”
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet Three Geese in Flight
“Greetings and welcome to our web site of Arthurian and Celtic studies! I am excited to introduce ourselves and our online bookshop to the Internet. Three Geese In Flight Celtic Books has been in business selling antiquarian, used, and out-of-print Celtic and Arthurian studies books since 1976.” One of our favorite Celtic bookstores is now on the Web!
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet UMI University Microfilm Inc
Now Bell & Howell Information and Learning.
Blank page Broken Link! 10/03
Bullet Books & Book Collecting
Great resources for bibliophiles.
Link Verified 10/03
Bullet Fir Mountain Press
Seattle, WA.
Apparently going out of business.
“Friends of Fir Mountain Press,
FMP is going through a series of transitions at this time. The main title offered by FMP, Academy of the Sword by Gerard Thibault, has been sold to a larger publisher, which will be bringing out the complete translation in a few years. The remaining books will probably also be placed with other publishers, though until this happens they will remain available here. Thank you for supporting the FMP experiment!
John Michael Greer
Publisher, Fir Mountain Press.”
Link Verified 10/03
Defunct Links
Bullet Atlantis Bookshop
At 49A Museum Street, London, England, UK. “200 yards from the the British Museum is the Atlantis Bookshop. It was founded in 1922 as an occult shop by Michael Houghton, an Eastern European refugee who came to London to escape the pogroms. He ran an occult lodge from here - 'The Order of the Hidden Masters' and published the famous "High Magick's Aid" by Gerald Gardner, Founder of Wicca.” Thanks to John Sotilo for repairing this link!
Broken Link! 10/03
Bullet The Banton Press
Isle of Arran, Scotland. “Welcome to Banton Press' Home on the Internet. From this site you can read about our latest publications as well as looking through our latest mail order catalogue. . . All books are handmade, perfect bound paperbacks of facsimile reprints with card covers and the title page is used for the front cover.”
Broken Link! 10/03
Bullet Scholars Press Interactive Catalogue
Atlanta, GA, USA.
Broken Link! 03/01
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