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Links Build the Hermetic Community

You are welcome to link to the Hermetic Fellowship Website. We would appreciate if you would e-mail our webmagister and let us know the URL of any pages from which we are linked. This makes it easier for us to browse your site and see if there is an appropriate place for us to feature your website in the Hermetic Fellowship resources in the next upgrade of our links.

If you are linking to one of our thematic resource pages (e.g., Western Esoteric Tradition, Golden Dawn, Druidry, Wicca, Qabalah, etc.), we ask that you consider also linking to the Hermetic Fellowship Website home page.

Feel free to link to us in whatever manner is appropriate for your site (hot-linked text, bullet lists, etc.). However, if you use graphic links (web rings, etc.), we have a new resource available— Hermetic Fellowship graphic icons and banners.

Graphic Icons & Banners

Several webmasters have asked us for a graphic icon or banner to use on their sites to link to the Hermetic Fellowship Website. Our web designer has finally scraped together the time to craft a set of six HF Website icons and banners to serve as graphic links. They can be found on the violet background on the lower part of this page. Below each image is the name of the graphic and its size in kilobytes. They range in file size from 8k to 52k, and in dimensions from a 220x35-pixel mini-banner to 468x60-pixel standard size Web banners. Two of the six are animated gifs. Hopefully you will find something here appropriate for your needs. If there is another size that would be particularly useful to you, e-mail us and perhaps the next time our designer is in a creative frenzy, he’ll add it to the set.

To copy one of these icons or banners, use the standard method for your platform. In the Mac OS, click and hold on the graphic, and then choose “Save this image as...” from the resulting pop-up menu. In Windows, right-click on the graphic, and then choose “Save as...”from the resulting pop-up menu.

Thanks for linking to the Hermetic Fellowship Website; we wish you happy and enlightening surfing!

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