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Want to explore and develop your Wiccan/Neo-Pagan spirituality
but can't find an open Coven? The answer could be to start one!

The How to Start a Coven Workshops

How To Start a Coven Logo

3 All-Day Workshop Sessions
Dates TBA

Sponsored by
Hermetic Fellowship

The Workshops are now complete. There are more than a dozen good people out there now who are better equipped with more information on how to start and nurture a Coven of their own. Some told us they would definitely go on to start Covens, and some decided they needed more study and experience before attempting to launch a Coven, and will organize less formal study circles instead. We expect to see several new Northwest area Covens forming, so all the work that went into the How to Start a Coven Workshops will have been worth it.

Many thanks to the veteran Pagan and Wiccan group leaders who donated their time and considerable expertise to make the Workshops a success for the participants!

The Next Session of the Coven Workshops

We will very likely be conducting the Workshops again in the next year. Watch this space for announcements.

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