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Title: Hermetic Society

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Now in its 24th year of continuous operation, the Hermetic Society is the Hermetic Fellowship’s lecture and discussion group exploring a broad range of topics in the Western Esoteric Tradition, meeting monthly in Portland, Oregon since 1988. The Herm Soc. meets on the third Thursday of every month (with the exception of October, and months where the third Thursday perchance falls on a major holiday).
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2005 Hermetic Society Schedule
Bullet 20 January— Paul Bingman: Presentation, Magic in Cinema
Bullet 17 February— isidora Forrest: Lecture, Hekatê in Chaldæan Theurgy
Bullet 10 March— Jim Moody: Lecture, TBA
Bullet 21 April— Cynthia DeFay: Slide Lecture, Green Men
Bullet 19 May— Ron Sandquist: Lecture, The Gospels of Horus: The 'New Æon' of Nietzsche, Corwley, Rand, & LaVey
Bullet 16 June— Kier Salmon: Lecture, Rules of Tarot
Bullet 21 July— Isidora Forrest: Lecture, Theurgy: Sacred Magic
Bullet 18 August— Kristin Wright: Lecture,The Sacred Lover
Bullet 15 September— Kier Salmon: Workshop,Tarot Divination
Bullet 20 October— Private Event
Bullet 17 November— Danny Olrech: Presentation, Small Gods: Penates & Lares
Bullet 15 December— Group Discussion
2004 Hermetic Society Schedule
Bullet 15 January—Group Discussion, The Nature of the Divine

Big enough topic for you? We’ll share our insights and speculations with each other over wine and munchies and see what each others’ current thoughts are on polytheism, monotheism, henotheism, a handful of other -theisms, Godforms, divination, and wherever else the conversation wanders.
Bullet 19 February— Kier Salmon: Lecture,Did the Book of Job Derive from the Akkadian and Sumerian Literature of Despair?

At the February Hermetic meeting, Kier Salmon examines the question of whether the Book of Job—that very unique little text included in both the Tanakh and the Bible, is in fact a Hebrew successor to a very ancient genre of Mesopotamian religious literature.
Bullet 18 March— Selena Ellis: Lecture, The Comte de St. Germaine

Selena Ellis will introduce us to the history and legend of that elusive and enigmatic figure who appears and reappears throughout the chronicles of Theosophy and Rosicrucianism, including reputed 20th-century encounters...
Bullet 15 April— Isidora Forrest: Slide Lecture, The Symbolists and the Occult Revival

In April, Isidora Forrest will take us on a visual tour of the Symbolist painters, and explore the reciprocal influence between them and the mages, madmen, heresiarchs, and hierophants of the French Occult Revival.
Bullet 20 May— Ron Sandquist: Presentation, Sacred Serpents

A look at the role of the serpent in the spiritualities of early Western cultures. This talk will be a combination of Mythological Fancy, Historic Fact, Quasi-Scientific Hypothesizing, and at least one contemporary account of serpent reverence. PLEASE NOTE: A word of caution to the ophiophobic—There will be at least one live snake attending the presentation.
Bullet 17 June—Joseph Wolf: Video, The Knights Templar

Recovery from bacvk surgery has required Steve Gustafson to push his anticipated lecture on the medieval Order of the Knights of the Temple back to August. Joseph Wolf has generously agreed to present a video on the Templars this evening as a preamble to Steve's lecture.
Bullet 15 July— Kier Salmon: Lecture, Witchcraft and the Writer's Craft

Kier Salmon will share anecdotes from her intriguing experience serving as witchcraft-consultant for the author of a series of alternate-history novels (the first of which is due to be released next month!).
Bullet 19 August— Steve Gustafson: Lecture, The Knights Templar

In June, Steve Gustafson takes us on a mental pilgrimage to explore the history and lore, the rise and fall of the warrior monks of the Crusades.
Bullet 9 September— Isidora Forrest: Lecture, The Worship of Dionysos, Public and Private
Nota Bene: This is the second, not the usual third, Thursday of Sept., to avoid intruding on the Equinoctial holidays.
Isidora Forrest (author of Isis Magic and Maenad par excellence) introduces us to the various forms of the ancient worship of the God Dionysos, from his many public festivals to the Mysteries and meditations of the private Thiasoi.
Bullet October—All-Hallows Ritual
Bullet 18 November— Adam Forrest: Lecture, Vagabonds of the Spirit II: Benandanti, Bacchantes, and the Amphissan Hypothesis

In November, Adam Forrest will present a new and expanded version of a presentation he originally gave before the Hermetic Society back in 1995, with a new twist— a proposal that connects the the spiritual-occult practices of the fascinating Early Modern sect of the Benandanti with the ancient Maenads.
Bullet 16 December— Group Discussion, Real Magic
2003 Hermetic Society Schedule
Bullet 16 January— M. Isidora Forrest: Lecture, Origins of Alchemy in Græco-Roman Egypt
Bullet 20 February— Dorothy Cordochorea: Lecture, The Bardic Tradition, Part II
Bullet 13 March— Kier Salmon: Lecture, Surgent Goddesses
Bullet 17 April— Kristin Wright: Lecture, Influence of Other Near and Middle Eastern Cultures on the Ancient Hebrews
Bullet 15 May— Steve Christopher Criss: Presentation, The Pros and Cons of Tarot Certification
Bullet 12 June— M. Isidora Forrest: Lecture, Ecstasy
Bullet 17 July— Adam Forrest: Lecture, A Conversation About Dionysos
Bullet 21 August— Steve Gustafson: Lecture, Voluntary and Involuntary Functions of Mythmaking
Bullet 11 September— Jeff Goetz: Lecture, Hieroglyphs in Ritual and Magic
Bullet October— Eleventh Annual Hermetic Fellowship All Hallows Divination Party
Bullet 20 November— M. Isidora Forrest: Lecture, Ancient Egyptian Offertory Rituals
Bullet 11 December— Road Trip, Masonic Installation
2002 Hermetic Society Schedule
Bullet 17 January— Kier Salmon: Lecture, Brujos y Brujas
Bullet 21 February— Jay Buckingham: Lecture, Key Mediæval and Renaissance Magi
Bullet 14 March— Jim Moody: Lecture, Bram Stoker, part II
Bullet 18 April— R on & Lissa Cormier-Sandquist: Lecture, Magical Marriage
Bullet 16 May— Jeff Goetz: Workshop, Remote Viewing Experiment
Bullet 13 June— Rebecca Suzanne: Workshop, Sacred Singing
Bullet 18 July— Ross Taylor: Lecture, Occult Fiction
Bullet 15 August— Adam Forrest: Lecture, Papess and High Priestess—History and Legend of a Trump
Bullet 12 September— Dorothy Cordochorea: Lecture, The Bardic Tradition
Bullet October— Tenth Annual Hermetic Fellowship All Hallows Divination Party
Bullet 21 November— Steve Gustafson: Lecture, Hildegard of Bingen
Bullet 12 December— Group Discussion, The Nature of Deity
2001 Hermetic Society Schedule
Bullet 18 January— Prof. Jessica M. Utts: Lecture, Investigating Psychic Phenomena with Statistics
Bullet 15 February— Ronald Sandquist: Lecture, The Process of Initiation
Bullet 15 March— M. Isidora Forrest: Lecture, Anna Kingsford: Her Life and Works
Bullet 19 April— John Obendorfer: Lecture, Hades, Dionysos, Apollo & the Underworld
Bullet 17 May— Steve Gustafson: Lecture, William Blake
Bullet 14 June— Rebecca Suzanne: Lecture, Pagan Themes in Classical Music
Bullet 19 July— Ross Taylor: Lecture, The Inferno, the Purgatoria, & the Oregon State Penitentiary
Bullet 16 August— Kier Salmon: Lecture, The Kabbalah: A Brief History
Bullet 13 September— Kristin Wright: Presentation, Energy Work
Bullet October— Ninth Annual Hermetic Fellowship All Hallows Divination Party
Bullet 15 November— Isidora Forrest: Lecture, The Temples of Ancient Egypt
Bullet 13 December— Adam Forrest: Lecture, Origins of Tarot
2000 Hermetic Society Schedule
Bullet 20 January— Ross Taylor: Workshop, Remote Viewing Experiments
Bullet 17 February— Jim Moody: Lecture, A Structural Analysis of the Myth of Dracula
Bullet 16 March— M. Isidora Forrest: Slide Lecture, Isis As a Mystery Goddess
Bullet 20 April— Karen Higgins: Lecture, Demeter and Dionysos
Bullet 18 May— Steve Gustafson: Lecture, Madame Blavatsky, Part III
Bullet 15 June— Ross Taylor: Lecture, The Cubical Desert: Religious Practice at Work
Bullet 20 July— Joseph Wolf: Lecture, The Magical Oils
Bullet 17 August— Steven Criss: Lecture & Blacksmithing Demonstration, Hephæstus & Other Blue-Collar Gods
Bullet 21 September— Adam Forrest: Lecture, The Kabeiroi and the Samothracian Mysteries
Bullet October— Eighth Annual Hermetic Fellowship All Hallows Divination Party
Bullet 16 November— Robert Fountain: Lecture, Magical Words & Numbers: Gematria & Alphabetic Origins
Bullet 14 December— Linda Dies: Lecture, There's Something About Sophia: Uncovering Divine Wisdom
1999 Hermetic Society Schedule
Bullet 21 January— Steve Gustafson: Lecture, Madame Blavatsky, Part I
Bullet 18 February— Lisa Agave: Lecture, The Fierce Goddess
Bullet 18 March— John & Laura Obendorfer: Slide Lecture, The Hermetic Tour of Italy
Bullet 15 April— Ross Taylor: Lecture, The Faces of Jesus
Bullet 20 May— Steve Gustafson: Lecture, Madame Blavatsky, Part II
Bullet 17 June— Adam Forrest: Lecture, Myths and Legends of Enoch
Bullet 15 July— Rebecca Suzanne: Lecture, Everyday Magic
Bullet 19 August— Dorothy Cordochorea: Lecture & Demonstration, Sacred Beverage
Bullet 16 September— Isidora Forrest: Lecture, Godforms: History and Practices
Bullet October— Seventh Annual Hermetic Fellowship All Hallows Divination Party
Bullet 18 November— Robert Fountain: Lecture, Alphabetic Origins
Bullet 16 December— Diane Cullison: Lecture, Kali
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