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Resources for the Study & Practice of Hermeticism, Neopaganism, and Other Magical Religions and Alternative Spiritualties in the

Title: Pacific Northwest

Image: Mount Hood
Welcome to the Hermetic Fellowship
Pacific Northwest Resources...
This site is dedicated to serving as a general resource for students and practitioners of the Western Hermetic Tradition, and as a specific resource for the Alexandrine Temple of the Hermetic Fellowship, located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

This list is provided as an informational resource. Though some truly fine organizations and resources are listed here, not all that are listed are well known to the Hermetic Fellowship. Therefore, the appearance of a group or other resource in this listing does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the Hermetic Fellowship. In becoming involved with any group or teacher, the seeker should always exercise his or her reason and intuition. Caveat Quæstor.

Bullet Hermetic Fellowship
Portland, OR. The Hermetic Fellowship was formally established in 1995 (though some of the individual programs incorporated into the Fellowship had been operating for many years previously) as an organization for seekers interested in a broad range of spiritual paths within the Western Esoteric Tradition. These paths include, but are not limited to, the Ancient Mystery Religions, Qabalah, Theurgy, Neo-Paganism and Wicca, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism, Alchemy, and the Grail Quest.
(HF) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Hermetic Society
Portland, OR. Now in its 13th year of continuous operation, the Hermetic Society is the Hermetic Fellowship’s lecture and discussion group exploring a broad range of topics in the Western Esoteric Tradition, meeting monthly in Portland since 1988.
(HF) Updated! 03/01
Bullet Open Ways
Portland Metro area’s Pagan community newsletter, with an excellent community groups directory and events calendar. The best print source for Portland area events.
(9 Houses) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet The Nine Houses of Gaia
A non-profit organization promoting interest in Earth-based religions, both past and present. We publish the Open Ways newsletter 8 times a year, and host The Northwest Fall Equinox Festival.
(9 Houses) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet PDX Pagan Directory
Portland, OR. Formerly called the Portland Pagan Pages.
(Lyceum of the Trees) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Ffynnon Rhiannon
Portland & Vernonia, OR. Ffynnon Rhiannon is a 52 acre site in the Oregon Coast Range. We are making it available to the Pagan Community for sacred uses such as gatherings, nature study, and the careful harvesting of plants and herbs.
(Amity House) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Northwest Fall Equinox Festival
The Portland area's oldest annual Pagan festival. This year on Sep 20-23, 2001.
(9 Houses) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Summerstar
A Portland area Summer Pagan Festival, hosted by the Primitive Celtic Church. This year on July 20-23, 2001.
(Primitive Celtic Church) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet SisterSpirit
Portland, OR. A women's spirituality organization honoring the Divine Feminine and celebrating Goddess in all Her forms.
(SisterSpirit) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Portland Reclaiming!
Portland, OR. The home of Portland's Reclaiming Tradition Witches. Formerly the website location for Strand by Strand Collective.
(Portland Reclaiming!) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Lyceum of the Trees
Portland, OR. An educational coven composed of three circles: a core who are responsible for the legal duties of the coven, an inner circle of those who belong to the coven as members and attend regular meetings, and the outer circle, which is completely open.
(Lyceum of the Trees) New! 03/01
Bullet Queen of Heaven Gnostic Church
Portland, OR. Rev. Steven Marshall‘s church is affiliated with the Ecclesia Gnostica of Bishop Stephen Hoeller. Eucharist every Sunday morning.
(Ecclesia Gnostica) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet BOTA Northwest Region
Builders of the Adytum. The NW Region Page lists a Portland Study Group, a Seattle Study Group, and a Seattle Pronaos.
(BOTA) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Primitive Celtic Church
Vancouver, WA. Exists to foster the understanding and growth of Druidism, and to promote the ideals of spiritual ecology and personal responsibility, sponsor Summerstar Pagan Festival, publish Dragonheart, A Metamorphic Journal, promote both public and private obersvances of the High Days, participate and write experimental ritual, and assist with rites of passage.
(PCC) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet The Goddess Gallery
Portland, OR. A wonderful shop, and an important contact point for the Portland Pagan and Magical community.
(GG) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Ancient Egypt Studies Association
Portland, OR. AESA promotes the study and understanding of ancient Egypt in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A..
(AESA) New! 03/01
Bullet Ancient Egypt Studies Association Events Calendar
Portland, OR. All lectures are either cosponsored by AESA and the Middle Eastern Studies Center of Portland State University.
(AESA) New! 03/01
Bullet Gayer-Anderson Scarab Collection
Portland, OR. In the Portland Art Museum.
(J.T. Sarr) New! 03/01
Bullet Oregon Tribe, Spiral Scouts
SpiralScouts was created by the ATC as their answer to other scouting programs. Although Pagan-based, it is open to children of all religious backgrounds. From preschoolers to teenagers, SpiralScouts will teach girls and boys not only Pagan beliefs and values, but also responsibility, environmental awareness, respect and tolerance of others, appreciation of nature and the outdoors, and much, much more.
(Spiral Scouts) New! 03/01
Bullet Mnemosyne Sacred Drama Guild
Portland, OR.We are a group of enthusiastic amateurs who, since 1994, have produced an annual dramatic event as a benefit for the restoration of the Stonehenge Monument near Goldendale, Washington.
(MSDG) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Sophia Center
Mission Statement: To provide a safe and affirming environment for women and men to explore the journey of feminine consciousness through spirituality and creativity; thus, transforming work, family, community and the sacred dimension of their lives..
(Sophia Center) New! 03/01
Bullet Bavarian Illuminati Motorcycle Club & Conspiracy
...is a Collective of Free Individuals,and claims no affiliation with any national, regional,or political bodies or organizations, nor do we acknowledge any authority other than the Higher Self!
(BIMC) New! 03/01
Bullet An Ceangal Mara Foundation
Eugene, OR. A registered non-profit entirely volunteer foundation. Our mission statement is: To Study, Honor and Celebrate the Celt, Making our Accomplishments, Ways and Conditions Known.
(ACMF) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Widdershins
Seattle’s Pagan community newsletter, published 8 times a year.
(Widdershins) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Puget Sound Pagan Community Resources
Seattle area resources directory maintained by Widdershins.
(Widdershins) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet OLOTEAS’s Seattle Resource Page
Another directory, maintained by Our Lady of the Earth and Sea.
(OLOTEAS) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Calendar of Seattle-Area Pagan and Magical Events (A. Yakely) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Aquarian Tabernacle Church
Index, WA. The ATC was formed in 1979 by Pete “Pathfinder” Davis as a coven dedicated to providing religious services and support to the larger Wiccan community. The ATC was "the right idea at the right time," and in a few years grew into the first Wiccan church with full legal status and recognition by the governments of three nations.
(ATC) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Our Lady Of The Earth And Sky
Seattle, WA. A non-Denominational Pagan Church, offers monthly public rituals and free classes several times per year.
(OLOTEAS) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Seattle Pagan Scholars
Exceptional, high quality occasional meetings.
(Brandy Williams) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet PNW Pagans
A Yahoo! Club. “A Regional Network for the Pacific Northwest.”
(pnwpagans) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Pacific NW Pagans Home Page
Home Page supporting the Tahoo! Club above.
(Llyieth Emeraldmoon) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Astrology et al Book Store & Metaphysical Center
Owned by Maggie Nalbandian and her son, Gregory Nalbandian. Astrology et al is one of the largest Astrological & Metaphysical Bookstores in the U.S. April 8th, 2000 was our 25th Anniversary.
(Astrology et al) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Magickal Gardaen
Amazing stores in Everett, WA, and Bellingham, WA.
Magic in the malls!
(Magical Gardaen) New! 03/01
Bullet Lyceum of Stella Maris
Bellingham, WA. A Lyceum of the Fellowship of Isis.
(Stella Maris) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Vortex Camp OTO
Tacoma, WA.
(Vortex Camp) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans in Oregon
A directory provided by the amazing Witches’ Voice
(WitchVox) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans in Washington
A directory provided by the amazing Witches’ Voice
(WitchVox) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Pagan Profiles: Oregon
Another regional Pagan directory
(Pagan Profiles) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Pagan Profiles: Washington
Another regional Pagan directory
(Pagan Profiles) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Cynosure
Seattle, WA.
(Al Billings) Broken Link! 11/99
Bullet Grove of the Emerald Rose
Portland, OR.
(GER) Broken Link! 03/01
Bullet M.A.G.I.C. Meetings
Vancouver, WA.
(M.A.G.I.C.) Broken Link! 03/01
Bullet Pagan Life Webzine (T. Gilmer) Broken Link! 03/01
Bullet Reed Pagan Circle
Reed College, Portland, OR.
(E. Mattson) Broken Link! 11/99
Bullet Women In Conscious Creative Action
Eugene, OR.
(W.I.C.C.A.) Broken Link! 03/01

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