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A Day-Long Workshop
Dedicated to
Enhancing Your Ritual Skills

Saturday, 7 September, 1996 CE
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
At the Friends Meeting Hall
4312 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR

Sponsored by
Hermetic Fellowship Name

Whether your ritual Work is in a Coven, a Temple, a Lodge, a Church, a Grove, open Circles, or solitary, the Art of Ritual has something for you.

Bullet Ritual for Solitary Practice
Bullet Ritual for Small Groups
Bullet Improvisational & Scripted Ritual
Bullet Simple Methods for Creating Ritual
Bullet Finding New Meaning in Ancient Rites
Bullet Contacting the Divine: Godforms & Goddessforms
Bullet Words of Power
Bullet Ritual Posture & Movement
Bullet Ritual & Theatre
Bullet The Three Secrets of Ritual Work
Bullet & More

The Art of Ritual Workshop is designed to enhance your ritual skills through a combination of instructional lecture and practical ritual exercises. Participants will take part in both individual and group Work, and both improvisational and scripted ritual. You'll learn practical methods for creating your own rites and effective ways to deepen your participation in most any sacred ritual. We look forward to having you join us for this enriching--and fun--Workshop.

What to Bring

Wear loose clothing (by all means bring a robe or other comfortable ritual wear if you like). Bring a pad and pen if you would like to take notes. There is a kitchen and dining room at the Hall, and lunch will be provided.

About Your Guides

Adam and Isidora Forrest have been personal and Magical partners for more than fifteen years. A Priest and Priestess of the Hermetic Fellowship, both are leaders and participants in ritual and Magical groups in the Portland area and nationwide. They have authored articles for The Golden Dawn Journal, Books I, II & III, and contributed materials to Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero's Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple and Israel Regardie's The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic. Isidora is currently writing The Book of Isis, and Adam is working on The Numerology of the Golden Dawn. Adam and Isidora have presented ritual and Magical workshops and seminars locally and nationally.

To Register

In order to provide opportunity for increased individual participation, enrollment will be limited to 22 people, plus staff. The Workshop is filling up very quickly, so we suggest that you phone the Fellowship at 255-7910 to make sure space is still available, then send your name, address, phone number, and Workshop fee of $22 (check or money order payable to Hermetic Fellowship) to

The Art of Ritual
Hermetic Fellowship
PO Box 20424
Portland, OR 97294-0424

We look forward to seeing you there!

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