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A Guide to the History, Structure, and Workings of
the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

GD Companion

Compiled and Introduced by
R.A. Gilbert

From the Book Cover

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn epitomized the paradox of an intellectual élite who rejected orthodox religion and yet remained within the social establishment of its day. The colourful story of these would-be magicians is well known to students of nineteenth-century social history, but the private archives on which the definitive history of the Order (Ellic Howe's The Magicians of the Golden Dawn) was based have remained inaccessible to scholars.

But now this material has been made available for study and the texts of both official and unofficial documents can at last be published. Here are the full texts of the Order's Constitution, Rules and Regulations, the Obligations of candidates for both the Outer and Inner Orders, the 'General Orders' of the R.R. et A.C., and the complete membership list from the official Address Book, together with detailed descriptions of the Temples, the Grade rituals, and the manuscripts that comprise the archives.

In addition, the original texts of the various theories of origin of the Golden Dawn are brought together for the first time, and there is a comprehensive bibliography of all printed material relating to the Order.

R.A. Gilbert read Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Bristol and is an antiquarian bookseller. He is the biographer of A.E. Waite, a bibliography of whose works he has also compiled, and the author of The Golden Dawn: Twilight of the Magicians.

Publication Information

R.A. Gilbert (ed.), The Golden Dawn Companion
Wellingborough, Northants.: Aquarian Press, 1986

ISBN 0-85030-436-9


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