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Resources for the Study & Revival of the

I speak unto those who may lawfully hear;
Depart, all ye profane, and close the doors.
—Porphyrios, On Images
Welcome to the Hermetic Fellowship
Ancient Mysteries Resources...
This site is dedicated to serving as a general resource for students and practitioners of the Western Hermetic Tradition, and as a specific resource for the Alexandrine Temple of the Hermetic Fellowship, located in Portland, Oregon, USA.
Bullet Ancient Mysteries Reading List
Under development by the Hermetic Fellowship
(HF) Under Construction
Bullet The Stele
Homepage of The Omphalos, extraordinary website for Græco-Roman Neopaganism. “It currently has some information about publications, organizations and festivals, as well as links to some relevant files and to a number of relevant Web sites. The files include rituals, hymns and other texts useful to Hellenic Neopagans. The Stele will continue to evolve as more information becomes available.”
(J. Opsopaus) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet Hellenion
A US-based religious organization dedicated to the revival and practice of Hellenic polytheism. We approach Hellenic religion from the reconstructionist perspective, which includes both an emphasis on historical precedent and respect for personal spiritual inspiration. We offer local congregations, study opportunities, and fellowship for those who worship the Olympians and the other deities of ancient Greece in a traditional way..”
There is aso a new mirror site courtesy of HF stalwart Kier Salmon.
(Hellenion) New! 03/03
Bullet Ai Mystai
Ai Mystai is an organization devoted to the birth of modern Hellenic Mysteries, and their associated groups, rituals, and study. Hellenists have long lacked access to initiatory groups dedicated to bringing people into a mystical relationship with the Gods and providing personal gnosis. Ai Mystai aspires to remedy this situation.
Our plan is not to duplicate the unknown past, but to build a thriving mystical community upon the foundation of ancient and modern Hellenismos. We cherish the building blocks left for us by such schools and rites as the Eleusinian, Orphic, Dionysian, Mithraic, etc., while not claiming to be any of these ancient Mystery sects.
Our doors are open wide to those who seek deeper devotion to the Gods of Hellenismos and ancient Hellas. Although our Mysteries are Greek, personal beliefs and devotions of aspirants, students, and members may include non-Hellenic deities and beliefs according to the leading of each person's inner experience.”
Ai Mystai maintain a Yahoo! Group.
(Ai Mystai) New! 03/03
Bullet Nomos Arkhaios
“Nomos Arkhaios—Attic Greek for "ancient custom"—is a collection of Web-based educational and devotional resources for those who worship the gods of ancient Greece. Anyone who would like to learn more about Hellenic polytheism is cordially invited to browse through the site.” By the author of the book Old Stones, New Temples.
(A. Campbell) New! 03/03
Bullet Nova Roma: Rome Reborn
Dedicated to the restoration of Classical Roman religion, culture, and virtues.”
(Nova Roma) New! 03/03
Bullet The Eleusinian Mysteries
(via the Ecole Initiative)
(E.A. Beach) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet The Dionysion: A Virtual Shrine of Dionysos the Liberator
Maintained here on the HF Website by Lysiodoros.
(HF & Lysiodoros) Updated!
Bullet The Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras
Website of the author of the excellent Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries
(D. Ulansey) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet The Samothracian Mysteries
Information on Samothrace from Samothrace.
(Samothrake) New! 03/03
Bullet Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace
Photos and description of the ruins of the Sanctuary.
(Hellenic Ministry of Culture) New! 03/03
Bullet The Kabeiroi: The Great Gods of Samothrace
Excellent collection of source quotes regarding the Kabeiroi/Cabiri.
(Theoi Project) New! 03/03
Bullet Biblioteca Arcana
“A collection of material relevant to Hellenic Neopaganism by John Opsopaus and Apollonius Sophistes.”
(J. Opsopaus) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet Alexandria on the Web
Companion website to Phanes Press’s journal
(D. Fideler) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet Sannion’s Sanctuary
Stimulating collection of articles in the categories Hellenic Polytheism, General Writings, Pagan Rants. Also Links, etc.
(Sannion) New! 03/03
Bullet Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity
A Museum Exhibition
(Univ. Michigan) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet Hermetic Virtual Library
Maintained by the Hermetic Fellowship
(HF) On-Site 11/99
Bullet Hermes Trismegistus (The Mystica) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet The Development of Hermes Trismegistus (Secreta Secretorum) Link Updated 03/03
Bullet On the Trail of the Winged God: Hermes and Hermeticism Throughout the Ages
Lengthy article by Stephen Hoeller
(Gnosis Archive) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet About the Corpus Hermeticum (Secreta Secretorum) Link Updated 03/03
Bullet Texts of the Corpus Hermeticum
In the HF's Hermetic Virtual Library
(HF) On-Site 11/99
Bullet Egyptian Resources
Maintained by the Hermetic Fellowship
(HF) Last Updated:
Bullet Gnostic Resources
Maintained by the Hermetic Fellowship
(HF) Last Updated:
Bullet The Orphic Hymn to Hekatê
An Annotated Translation
Trans. A.P. Forrest
(HF & A. Forrest) On-Site 09/98
Bullet Hekate in Greek Esotericism (Secreta Secretorum) Link Updated 03/03
Bullet The Homeric Hymns
(Greek & English) Trans. H.G. Evelyn-White
(Perseus Project) Link Updated 03/03
Bullet Hesiod, The Theogony
(Greek & English) Trans. H.G. Evelyn-White
(Perseus Project) Link Updated 03/03
Bullet Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources (L. Bowman) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet Theoi Project
“Welcome to Theoi.com a guide to the Ancient Greek Pantheon of Gods (Theoi), Spirits (Daimones) and Monsters (Theres).
Here you will find individual entries the various divinities & monsters containing quotes sourced from a wide and growing variety of Classical Texts. Many are also illustrated with pictures from C5th BC Greek Vase Painting.”
(Theoi Project) New! 03/03
Bullet A Review of Kingsley’s Ancient Philosophy, Mystery and Magic
Read Opsopaus’s excellent review.
My review—If the Mysteries matter to you, read Kingsley’s books!—Lysiodoros
(J. Opsopaus) New! 03/03
Bullet The Fragments of Heraclitus of Ephesus
The surviving fragments of Herakleitos and a supporting discussion.
(J. Burnet) New! 03/03
Bullet The Poem of Parmenides of Elea,
The surprising brief and unquestionably influential Presocratic poem, and a supporting discussion.
(J. Burnet) New! 03/03
Bullet Empedocles of Akragas
Another useful presentation by John Burnet.
(J. Burnet) New! 03/03
Bullet The Pythagoreans
A valuable collection of scholarly essays and lectures on the Pythagoreans.
(Exploring Plato’s Dialogues) New! 03/03
Bullet Plato, Timaeus
(Greek & English) Trans. R.G. Bury
(Perseus Project) Link Updated 03/03
Bullet Plotinus, The Enneads
Trans. S. Mackenna & B.S. Page
(Internet Classics Archive, MIT) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet Proclus On the Theology of Plato
Roy George.
(Shrine of Athena) New! 03/03
Bullet Porphyrius, On Images
Trans. E.H. Gifford
(Internet Classics Archive, MIT) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet Iamblichu, Theurgia: or, On the Mysteries of the Egyptians
Pearson’s online edition of the 1911 Wilder translation.
(J.H. Pearson, Esoteric Archives) New! 03/03
Bullet Between Eros and Anteros: The Teachings of Iamblichus
Article on the Theurgic Neoplatonist par excellence.
(L. George) New! 03/03
Bullet Pausanius, Itinerary of Greece
(Greek & English) Trans. W.H.S. Jones & H.A. Ormerod
(Perseus Project) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet Sallustius, On Gods and the World
Trans. G. Murray
(Hellene Pagan) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet Marcus Aurelius, The Meditations
Trans. G. Long
(Internet Classics Archive, MIT) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet About the Chaldæan Oracles (Secreta Secretorum) Link Updated 03/03
Bullet Text of the Chaldæan Oracles
The Westcott Translation
(Internet Saced Texts Archive) Link Updated 03/03
Bullet The Julian Society
A non-denominational religious order dedicated to the advancement of Pagan religion.
(Julian Society) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet HMEPA; Hellenic Month Established Per Athens
Athenian calendar adapted for modern use, showing month dates through the 33rd century CE; that will do for my needs :-). “This calendar is the Athenian calendar, updated to be a calendar for the modern world. It follows the spirit of the ideal calendar, being lunisolar and based on the visibility of the crescent. But it compromises by using a calculation and by basing it on visibility not at Athens itself, but with adjustment so that the visibility somewhere in the populated world is the criterion.”
(HMEPA) New! 03/03
Bullet The Ancient World Web (J. Hayden) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Thanks to Agave for this link.
Internet History Sourcebooks (Fordham) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet Greek and Latin Language Resources
An excellent collection of resource at The Stele
(J. Opsopaus) Link Verified 03/03
Bullet MYTHMEDIA: Mythology in Western Art
Gallery of images of the Greek Deities, compiled at the Library of the university of Haifa. Unfortunately for most of us, access to this wonderful site has been restricted for copyright reasons.
(O. Zehavi & S. Klinger) Link Verified 03/03
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