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This website is created and maintained
as a Votive Offering to
Dionysos the Liberator
by Lysiodoros His Priest
Welcome to the Dionysion...

This site is dedicated to serving as a general resource for votaries of the God Dionysos and His Mysteries, and as a specific resource for the thriving Pacific Northwest Dionysiac community and for the Alexandrine Temple of the Hermetic Fellowship, located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

The following links will carry the vagabond Dionysiac to many sites — some of them maintained here at the Dionysion by Lysiodoros and the Hermetic Fellowship — of relevance, even if it is sometimes whimsical and perhaps even paradoxical relevance (it is Dionysos, don't forget), to the many aspects of the God.

GrapeCluster Theos
The God Dionysos
Some say the Gods are just a myth
but guess who I've been dancing with!
—The Waterboys, Dream Harder (1993)
“The Return of Pan” Lyrics: Mike Scott

Sq Bullet Bibliographia Dionysiaka
Under development by Lysiodôros for the Hermetic Fellowship.
(Hermetic Fellowship) Under Construction
Sq Bullet Invocations & Hymns
A collection of Hymns, Adorations, and Aretalogies of Dionysos.
(HF) New!
Sq Bullet Polyônymos : Names of Dionysos
A dictionary of epithets and allonyms (alternative names) for the God Dionysos, compiled and annotated by Lysiodoros.
(HF, A.P. Forrest) New!
Sq Bullet Mainades, Bakchai, & Thyiades
Women who run with the God...
(HF) On-site 09/98
Sq Bullet Notes on the Mænads & Ecstatic Dance
Notes of a presentation by a Maenad about Maenads at an Oregon Dionysia, and at the Hermetic Society.
(HF, M.I. Forrest) On-site 09/98
Sq Bullet Godmarks
Let’s talk Dionysiac tattoos. You show me yours, and I’ll show you mine...
(HF) New!
Sq Bullet Thiasos Dionysos
Welcome to Thiasos Dionysos, a community of Dionysos worshippers who have gathered to revive the ancient forms of worship for the god of wine and ecstasy. We have an informal email list, where we discuss our mutual relationships with Dionysos the Liberator. The founders of this group have long wished to start regional ritual groups in the offline world, and we are starting with putting up this site. Here you can find contacts with members in your area, you can become an active voice in discussing rituals and devotions, and eventually become a member of the Thiasos. We hope you enjoy the information and interaction here!”
Thiasos Dionysos maintains a Yahoo! Group.
(Jennifer, Oenochoe, Sannion) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Temenos of Dionysos
Like the Dionysion, this excellent website was created and is maintained as a votive offering to Lord Dionysos.
(Oenochoe) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet The Dionysian Webring
Another votive work by the indefatigable Oenochoe.
"For sites devoted to Dionysos, the ancient Greek god of wine, tragedy, and ecstasy. Pagan worshippers especially welcome, as well as mythology, classics, and historical information. Io Evoe!"
(Oenochoe) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Temple of Dionysos
An online Temple to Dionysos, with hymns, quotations, guestbook, etc.
(Kyrene Ariadne) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Anon., The Homeric Hymns
I have updated this link so it will take you to the texts at Perseus. At this wonderful site, you can access not only the English translation by Evelyn-White (the one in the Loeb series), but also the Greek text and critical notes. Hymns I, VII, and XXVI are Hymns to Dionysos.
(Perseus) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Euripides, The Bakchai
The Bakchai (aka The Bacchae, The Bacchants).
I have updated this link so it will take you to the texts at Perseus. At this wonderful site, you can access not only the English translation, but also the Greek text and critical notes.
(Perseus) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Dionysos
An article on the God.
(H.M. Lugo) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet A Discussion About Dionysos
Explores my relationship with the God of Wine. 8-08-01.”
(Sannion) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Maenads
Good thumbnail summary of classical information on the Nadly ones.
(C. Parada, Greek Mythology Link) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Initiation into Ecstasy
Decoding the Dionysian Frescoes at Pompeii.
(The Lyre Magazine Online) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Classical Myth: Dionysos: Images
The Dionysiac segment of Laurel Bowman’s excellent collection of links to sourceworks in Classical mythology for Greek and Roman Studies at the Univ. of Victoria.
(L. Bowman) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Dionysos in Western Art
Sadly, for many of us, this magnificent website at Haifa in Israel is now inaccessible. I quote: “Sorry - for contractual and copyright reasons, access to this material is allowed only from computers within certain networks, and is for the sole use of University students and staff.”
(Mythmedia) Link verified
(limited access)
Sq Bullet Divine Madness
Harvard Prof. Gregory Nagy’s essay on The Bacchae.
(G. Nagy) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet The Woman’s Phallus: Possession and Power in the Worship of Dionysos
A paper presented by Brandy Williams at Dionysia, 16 June, 1990, Washington state.
(B. Williams) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet The Festivals of Dionysos
An article describing Dionysos' Athenian festivals, and ways he can be honored today. 9-08-01.”
(Sannion) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet The Dionysiac Mysteries and the Thesmophoria
1996 paper from a course on "Women in Antiquity."
(L. Aftuck, Perseus) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Dionysos & Kataragama: Parallel Mystery Cults
A detailed, knowledgable, and fascinating article offering another entrant onto the growing list of Indian Gods comparable to the Mediterranean Dionysos.
This article first appeared in The Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies, Vol. XIV No. 2 March 1997,.
(P. Harrigan) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Proclus On the Signs of Divine Possession
“ON THE SIGNS OF DIVINE POSSESSION is my title for an extract from Proclus preserved in a work by the Byzantine Christian Neoplatonist, Michael Psellus, in his Accusation against Michael Cerularius before the Synod (Pros tên sunodon katêgoria tou archiros) ed. by É. des Places Oracles Chaldaiques Paris (Les Belles Lettres) 1971. ( pp 219, 14 — 220, 32). It has not, to my knowledge, been translated into English before.” —Stephen Ronan (1998)
(S. Ronan, Chthonios Books) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Dionysos: Myth and Mystery
A set of notes on Dionysos by Kristi Thimpson.
(Orphika) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Dionysos
A set of notes on Dionysos by Kristi Thompson.
(K. Thompson) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Dionysos
Brief notes on Dionysos for the Classics 315 class at Cal. State Northridge.
(J.P. Adams) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet The Cult of Dionysos
An interesting set of eclectic notes, ranging from Aischylos to Madame Blavatsky.
(Underground Streams) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Best Western Dionysos Hotel :-)
Four-star hotel in Mykonos, Greece. This was just too surreal not to list. I can't believe it wasn't Tom Robbins who thought of this...
(BW Dionysos Hotel) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet The Ancient Mysteries
Resources for the Study & Revival of the Ancient Mysteries
A collection of resources and links relating to the larger context in which the worship of Dionysos finds its natural home.
(HF) New!
GrapeCluster Lysiphron
The Alteration of
close your eyes
breathe slow and we will begin
to look together
for the Pan within
—The Waterboys, This Is The Sea (1985)
“The Pan Within” Lyrics: Mike Scott

PHARMAKA — Mind-Altering Substances
Drank fire with the King of the Blues,
plugged in to the Medicine Way
—The Waterboys, Dream Harder (1993)
“Glastonbury Song” Lyrics: Mike Scott
Sq Bullet The Road to Eleusis
This groundbreaking book is apparently no longer available online as freely accessible e-text. A new edition of the printed book has been released, and it has been pulled from the Web (as far as I can discern).
(Schaffer Library) Broken Link... 03/03
Sq Bullet Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments
An Entheogen Chrestomathy by Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D.
(Council on Spiritual Practices — CSP) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Psychedelic Theophanies and the Religious Life: Do They Have Staying Power
Article by Huston Smith, Ph.D. Copyright © 1967 by Christianity and Crisis (26 June 1967) and © 1970 by the Journal of Psychedelic Drugs (Vol 3. No. 1).
(Huston Smith, CSP) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet The Psychedelics and Religion
By Walter Houston Clark, ffrom PSYCHEDELICS, edited by Bernard Aaronson and Humphrey Osmond, Doubleday & Company (1970).
(The Psychedelic Library) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Entheogens and the Future of Religion
A book edited by Robert Forte, with chapters by R. Gordon Wasson, Albert Hofmann, Brother David Steindl-Rast, Jack Kornfield, Alexander and Ann Shulgin, Dale Pendel, Thomas Riedlinger, Terence McKenna, Rick Strassman, Thomas Roberts, Robert Jesse, Eric Sterling. Published by the Council on Spiritual Practices, San Francisco (1997)
Note: This is not an e-book online, but a description of a worthwhile book to purchase.
(CSP) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet MDMA and Religion
“The Agony and Ecstasy of God’s Path.” An article by Nicholas Saunders published in The Guardian, 29/7/95, edited from the book Ecstasy and the Dance Culture.
(CSP) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Phanerothyme
A Western Approach to the Religious Use of Psychochemicals. An essay by L. Bieberman (1968).
(CSP) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Persephone’s Quest: Entheogens and the Origins of Religion
Description of a book by Kramrisch, Stella; Ott, Jonathan; Wasson, R. Gordon. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press (1986).
(CSP) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet The Lycaeum
“The Lycaeum is a non-profit drug information archive, working to promote awareness about the effects, chemistry, and history of entheogens. We offer several free services, including an extensive database of psychoactive substances, community-based discussion forums, and internet hosting for entheogen-related groups wishing to establish a stronger online presence.”
(Lycaeum) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet The CSP Entheogen Project
A project of the Council on Spiritual Practices. “The purpose of the Entheogen Project is to systematically gather knowledge about the immediate and long-term effects of entheogen use and to explore how public policy might accommodate responsible spiritual practices incorporating entheogens.”
(CSP) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
“Can you imagine a cultural reintegration of the use of psychedelics and the states of mind they engender?”
“The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a membership-based non-profit research and educational organization. We assist scientists to design, fund, obtain approval for and report on studies into the healing and spiritual potentials of MDMA, psychedelic drugs and marijuana. MAPS' goal is to use the data generated from scientific research to develop these drugs into prescription medicines.”
(MAPS) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Erowid Psychoactive Vaults
A vast resource, incorporating the Psychedelics Archive site formerly at Hyperreal.
(Vaults of Erowid) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Mescaline: A New Artificial Paradise
Havelock Ellis’s 1898 article from The Contemporary Review.
(Havelock Ellis, Lycaeum) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet The Doors of Perception
The complete text of the classic description of his mescaline experience by Aldous Huxley.
(Vaults of Erowid) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet The Psychedelic Experience
A manual based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead By Timothy Leary, Ph.D., Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., & Richard Alpert, Ph.D. The complete text of the book.
(Lycaeum) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Erowid LSD Vault
An extensive resource, incorporating the LSD Archives formerly at Hyperreal.
(Vaults of Erowid) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet LSD—My Problem Child
The complete text of the book by Albert Hoffman, the discoverer of LSD.
(Sputnik Drug Information Zone, Lycæum) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet The Timothy Leary Home Page
“All of the conceptual ideas in this website are Timothy's own. Most of the text is from his own pen.”
(leary.com) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Erowid MDMA/Ecstasy Vault
An extensive resource, part of the vast Vaults of Erowid.
(Vaults of Erowid) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet ecstasy.org
“ecstasy.org aims to gather and make accessible objective, authoritative and up to date information about the drug ecstasy (principally MDMA). The site is non-profit making and is maintained by volunteers.”
(ecstasy.org) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet E for Ecstasy
The complete text of the book by Nicholas Saunders (1993).
(Nicholas Saunders, ecstasy.org) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Erowid Nitrous Oxide Vault
An extensive resource, part of the vast Vaults of Erowid.
(Vaults of Erowid) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet The Nitrous Oxide Philosopher
An article on William James by D. Tymoczko, May 1996.
(Atlantic Monthly) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Entheogen Dot
“Due to time constraints on the part of the administrators, this site is temporarily unavailable. Please bear with us as we overhaul Entheogen.com. Thanks for flying, Glider ”
In spite of this statement, some subsidiary sections of entheogen Dot are available.
(entheogen.com) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet The Forbidden Fruit
While the name of the site suggests another psychedelics portal, it is actually—in addition to entheogenic resources—a broadly herbal site ranging from ethnobotanicals to Wicca.
(Bendil) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet The Shroomery
“This site was created to help stop the spread of dangerous misinformation related to psychedelic mushrooms, so that people can make intelligent, informed decisions about what they put in their bodies. We made an effort to consolidate the plethora of information available on the World Wide Web into an all-encompassing source of accurate facts, and we think we can safely say that this page will be the only reference you'll need for mushroom information..”
(Shroomery) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Accessing the Spirit World
“wo hallucinogenic plants have been identified in 4,000-year-old wall paintings at rock-shelters throughout the Pecos River region of southwest Texas and northern Mexico.” Newsbrief in Archaeology, Vol. 49 No. 6, Nov/Dec 1996.
(Archaelogy) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet The Secret Chief
Conversations with a pioneer of the underground psychedelic therapy movement, by Myron J. Stolaroff. “100% of the profits from the sale of this book will go toward psychedelic psychotherapy research.” Available for purchase; complete html text available on-line.
(MAPS) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Entheogen Quotations
An interesting collection of quotations regarding entheogenic drugs assembled by CSP in 1994 and 1995.
(CSP) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Lick This Screen
An online gallery of the printed art of -- you guessed it -- blotter acid. Formerly at Hyperreal.
(Vaults of Erowid) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Hyperborea : Alchemical Garden at the Edge of Time
“You have entered an Alchemical Garden at the Edge of Time. There is haze upon the distant hills, spreading Acacias bend low over reflecting pools. The air is filled with an all pervasive hum; these are the reveries of the Proustian bees. Your guide will be gardener/curator Terence McKenna.”
(T. McKenna) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Ayahuasca, DMT, & Friends
An extensive collection of resources rleating to Ayahuasca, Yage, Harmaline, etc.
(Lycaeum) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Datura of the Dark Side
“This site is created in hopes of further exploring the use and knowledge of one of the most misunderstood plants in the entheogenic world.”
(Entheogen Dot) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Datura...Goddess of the Dark Side
By WhiteWolf. “Insane? Maybe....but as I journey in the outer realms I have discovered that there are many different teachers and many different allies. Datura is such an ally.”
(Whitewolf, Entheogen Dot) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Datura and Ancient Egypt
Datura as rays from the Ssolar Disk on the Stele of Tuth-Shena and Horus?
(Postmodern Psychedelia) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Confessions of an English Opium Eater
The complete text of the classic account of opiate addiction by De Quincey (1821).
(Thomas DeQuincey, Lycaeum) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet High Times Magazine
“Warning! This HIGH TIMES web site contains content about marijuana and psychedelic drugs. Some of the controversial subjects covered include cannabis cultivation, drug laws, pot humor, high art, drug tests, legal highs, the legalization of marijuana, the recreational use of marijuana, the medical uses for marijuana and the worldwide impact of the drug war.”
(High Times) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Smart Drug / Nootropic Info
“Nootropic: a word coined by Dr. Giurgea to describe a new class of drugs that act as cognitive enchancers with no side effects or toxicity, from Greek words noos, meaning mind and tropein meaning toward..”
(Damicon Kraa) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet La Fé Verte: Absinthe
A place wherein one may flirt with the Green Fairy.
(sepulchritude.com) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet The Herb Dangerous
Articles on hashish by Crowley et al. from The Equinox.
(Crowley, Lycaeum) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet The Club des Haschischins
Théophile Gautier’s 1846 article.
(Gautier, Lycaeum) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Wines on the Internet
“Wines.com is the Web's premier site for consumers, collectors and wine lovers.”
(wines.com) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Hi-Time Wine Cellars
Not only the largest retail wine cellar in the West, but we ordered some of the more exotic tequilas and mescals from these guys for an agave-tasting we had a while back. Their phone rep enjoyed helping us put it together.
(hitimewine.com) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet WineWeek
Weekly wine articles by a veteran wine guru.
(F. McMillin) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Wines of Oregon
Brought to you by the Oregon Wine Advisory Board.
(OWAB) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet The Beer Info Source
“Welcome to the NEW Beer Info Source! A new look and a new structure are designed to help you get around more easily and find what you're looking for. Hope you enjoy it! This is a service provided to the seekers of fine brews who wish to locate information on the Net regarding their favorite
beverage. The Beer Info Source is currently non-commercial and privately supported.”
(J. Lock) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet McMenamins Pubs & Breweries
Portland, OR. “Creativity knows no limits! As our minds expand, so does our business. Ideas evolve. The end result is often not seen in the original plan. When we have fun, all good things follow. Our Northwest establishments include family oriented Pubs, Breweries, Music Venues, Historic Hotels, Theater Pubs and more, featuring original Artwork (like the Art seen on these pages), classic architecture, and funky ambiance. We're always reaching higher, so explore our site and enjoy!”
(McMenamin) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Portland Microbreweries and Pubs
Portland, OR.
(About.com) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Fadó Irish Pub
Portland, OR. “Welcome to Fadó Portland, located at the corner of N.W. 23rd and Burnside in the former location of Henry Thiele’s Restaurant. An authentic Irish Pub in the heart of beautiful Portland with handsome wood interior, award winning draught beers served in imperial sized pints, we are your unassuming home away from home.”
(Fadó) Link verified 03/03

Choros — Ecstatic, Spiritual, Recreational, & Trance Dance
For the music is your special friend
Dance on fire as it intends
Music is your only friend
Until the end
—The Doors, Strange Days (1967)
“When the Music’s Over” Lyrics: Jim Morrison
Sq Bullet Notes on the Mænads & Ecstatic Dance
Notes of a presentation by a Maenad about Maenads at an Oregon Dionysia, and at the Hermetic Society.
(M.I. Forrest, HF) On-site 09/98
Sq Bullet The Spirit of Raving Archives
“Dance ecstatically to the techno beats, become mesmerized by psychedelic visuals and mind-bending music, stay up all night and explore an enhanced state of consciousness... What is raving? Check out the rave FAQ for a more thorough attempt at defining it. You may also want to explore Hyperreal for in-depth information on the music, publications, mailing lists, and activities often associated with the world-wide rave scene.
But many will claim that the rave experience is much more than the sum of its parts. Dancing for hours to trance-inducing music in a mind expanding, sensory stimulating atmosphere often creates a focus much different from the typical nightclub scene. . .
We are One in the Dance!”
(Hyperreal) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Northwest Raves
“Northwest Raves is an email listserve dedicated to electronic music and the surrounding culture. There are approximately 700 members from many parts of the world, but the focus of the discussion is on the Northwest U.S. and Canada (Seattle,WA - Vancouver,BC - Victoria,BC - Portland,OR - Eugene,OR - Spokane,WA - and other surrounding cities.).”
(Hyperreal) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet The Doors
The official Doors website.
(The Doors) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet The Doors Mythos
“Introduction to the revised edition of No One Here Gets Out Alive by DANNY SUGERMAN.” On The Doors Website.
(D. Sugarman) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Jim Morrison
“But the main thing is that we are The Doors. We are from the West. The whole thing is like an invitation to the West.
The sunset - This is the end
The night - The sea
The world we suggest is of a new wild west. A sensuous evil world. Strange and haunting, the path of the sun, you know?.” On The Doors Website.
(The Doors) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet The Cult of the Lizard King
“Morrison, with his "Greek God" beauty, his fiery passion and dark mysterious persona, has been considered a Dionysos incarnate. He certainly tried to bring something like shamanism and Greek drama to rock music and to the stage; he tried to shock people out of their complacency and into a terrifying and liberating ecstasy. Since his death at a young age in 1971, a cult has grown around him; many people, myself included, sense his presence as a guiding force, build altars to him, etc. There was even a "First Church of the Doors" at one time.”
(D. Morgan) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet The Doors Lyrics
A fan’s site, with lyrics from the principal albums as well as An American Prayer. If you’re tired of people making fun of you for singing “Raygun Through to the Other Side,” this is the site for you.
(M. Shklyar) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Highlights from Reviews of the 1997 Whirling Dervish Tour
“Although some people unfamiliar with their history may expect whirling dervishes to offer giddy spinning, this program made clear that these venerable Islamic ceremonies are serene. They are not even theatrical spectacles but sacred rituals...”
(Threshold Society) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet Dances of Universal Peace
“From the beginning of time, sacred movement, song and story have brought people together - at times of seasonal ceremony and celebration, as part of everyday life and life passages, in daily renewal and meditation, etc... The Dances of Universal Peace are part of this timeless tradition of Sacred Dance. . .
The Dances of Universal Peace were brought together in the late 1960's by Samuel L. Lewis (1896-1971), a Sufi Murshid (teacher) and Rinzai Zen Master, who also studied deeply in the mystical traditions of Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity.”
(Peaceworks) New! 03/03
Sq Bullet Dance Meditation
“Dance meditation is a unique, integrated movement meditation system for exploring and healing oneself. It approaches dance as a meditation and meditation as a dance.  Both are an entwined opportunity to explore the relationships between self-&-other, self-&-cosmos, self-with-self and self-to-The Divine Eternal.”
(Dervish Society of America) Link verified 03/03
Sq Bullet
Sacred Dance Guild
“Dance as a Language of Faith and Celebration
The Sacred Dance Guild is dedicated to dance as spiritual expression for:
  • Enrichment of personal devotion and prayer.
  • Connectedness within the community at worship.
  • Acceptance and Expansion of relationships with God and others.
  • Disciplined Growth of the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.
  • Creative Discoveries within the art form and in its relevance to the other arts in religion.
  • Religious Education for increased interfaith understanding. ”
  • (SDG) New! 03/03
    Sq Bullet Avodah Dance Ensemble
    “Avodah is a modern dance company that uses ancient sacred texts to connect and reconnect our spiritual selves to God and community. Reaching deep wihin the Jewish tradition, using dance, music and movement, Avodah strives to strengthen and further define Jewish idenity. Reaching out through cross-cultural collaborations Avodah, which in Hebrew connotes ‘service’ or ‘worship,’ builds bridges to the larger community.”
    (ADE) New! 03/03
    Sq Bullet Belly Dancing— Art Of Middle Eastern Dance
    “Welcome to The Art Of Middle Eastern Dance, an oasis for belly dancers on the Internet caravan route that offers belly dancing education, inspiration, and entertainment! You'll find over 300 articles, cartoons, poems, opinion polls, song translations, and more, all related to belly dancing!.”
    (Shira) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Old Time Relijun
    A band which contacted the DIonysion. Their bass clarinetist and guitarist, Arrington de Dionyso, tells us, “We are musical omophagia in the ecstatic shamanic strain of noisy bromios.”
    And, hey, if you have a revolutionary bone in your body, Bacchant, you've got to love a band that puts its manifesto on its website...
    (OTR) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Technoshamanism
    A term and concept arising among Pagans and artists involved with the Rave scene and its Vibe.
    (K. Powers, Hyperreal) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet The Egg—Ecstatic Dance and Ritual
    “A Few Words on Ecstatic Dance and Ritual Symbolism
    (This was written for The Egg, a Spring Equinox ritual taking place on 15 March 1997 in Rochester, NY.)”
    (Rev. Reynard, Hyperreal) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet A Technopagan Blessing
    “A Technopagan Blessing upon the first firing-up of a new HeNe laser, by tedwards@wam.umd.edu (technopagan priest) - 23 Jun 1993.”
    (Hyperreal) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Rave as Meditation
    By Catherine, age 16. I’d love to know what this 16-year-old will be like at 30; I have high hopes she’ll be one of the blessed ones.
    (CSP) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Soaring Spirit Dance Ministry
    “Let them praise His name in the Dance!” Psalm 149:3.
    (SSDM) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Christian Sacred Dance
    “Dance that Glorifies God, Evangelizes and Ministers
    For He has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light!”
    (One Accord Ministry) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet A Night of Trance Dance in the Medina
    “In Marrakech one night we met beside one of the old city gates. We - a group of exited Swedes and Khadidja with some friends. Khadidja, the Swedish dance anthropologist Gita Sellmann´s (1) assistant in Morocco had promised to take us to a night of trance dance in the Medina! It was just before Ramadan (the Islamic month of fasting) and this ceremony was one of the preparations before the fast.”
    (IVO/As-Sayf) Broken Link... 03/03
    Sq Bullet NuRenaissance Jazz Dance
    “Preserving and Spreading Vintage and Innovative Jazz”
    (NR) Broken Link... 03/03
    GrapeCluster Theatron
    The Performing Arts

    Archaion — Ancient Theatre
    Sq Bullet Didaskalia: Ancient Theatre Today
    UC Berkeley. “Your electronic source for the latest developments in Greek and Roman drama, dance, and music as they are performed today.”
    Note: Didaskalia is in the process of moving. If the above link expires, this will be the URL for
    the new Didaskalia site.
    (Didaskalia) New! 03/03
    Sq Bullet The Theatre of Dionysos
    Description of tha ancient theatron of Dionysos at Athens.
    (Bruce MacLennan) New Link! 03/03
    Sq Bullet Euripides, Bacchae
    Greek and English texts.
    (Perseus Project) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Aischylos, Eumenides
    Greek and English texts.
    (Perseus Project) Link verified 03/03

    Proskenion — Theatre Onstage
    Sq Bullet Yahoo! Theatre
    A collection of thetrical performing arts links.
    (Yahoo!) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Commedia dell’Arte
    “Commedia Dell'Arte is the ancient Italian improvisational masked comedy born in the Renaissance and performed until the first half of the eighteenth century. Troupes traveled city to city earning their living by performing comedies, farces, parodies and political satires in the streets, markets, and at carnivals and fairs.”
    (D. Cummins, Furman) New! 03/03
    Sq Bullet Kabuki: Frozen Features in a Floating World
    “Kabuki is a set of resources designed to create a hyper-linked research environment for the study of Japanese culture, kabuki theater, Japanese performance, and kinsei history.”
    (R. Hooker) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet York Doomsday Gateway Page
    “This has grown from a multimedia computer project on the fifteenth-century York Mystery Plays, arguably the most famous of the cycles, into a research project exploring all aspects of the plays and their various social, intellectual, religious, and theatrical contexts. It also aims to present the surviving evidence around the original performance in a completely new way, using both traditional and innovative techniques.”
    (York Doomsday Project) New! 03/03
    Sq Bullet Mystery and miracle plays in English drama
    “The tremendous flowering of English drama during the Elizabethan Age had its roots in earlier nonliturgical vernacular religious dramatic forms—the mystery, miracle, and morality plays.” Article by Tina Blue.
    (PageWise) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Oregon Onstage
    Rd Bullet Portland Area Theatre Alliance
    Portland, OR. Supporting Live Theatre.
    Did you know there are over 140 theatre groups in the greater portland metro area? Io, io, Dionyse Theatrike!
    (PATA) New Link! 03/03
    Rd Bullet Portland Center Stage
    Portland, OR.
    (PCS) Link verified 03/03
    Rd Bullet Artists Repertory Theatre
    Portland, OR.
    (Artists Rep) Link verified 03/03
    Rd Bullet Portland Opera
    Portland, OR.
    (Portland Opera) Link verified 03/03
    Rd Bullet The Musical Theatre Company
    12/2001: TMTC is, sadly, defunct.
    “Portland's own Musical Theatre Company (MTC) recently cancelled their season, and announced the company is currently on hiatus. Costumes, sets and equipment are being sold to accommodate the deficit caused by a hefty rent increase from the Portland Public School District.Æ
    (PATA) New! 03/03
    Rd Bullet Oregon Shakespeare Festival
    Asland, OR. “The nation’s oldest and largest theatre in rotating repertory.”
    (OSF) Link verified 03/03
    Rd Bullet Imago
    Portland, OR. “Experience a season of 5 Imago shows sure to topple your senses and refresh your belief in the amazing possibilities of the stage. Performed and created by Portland's premiere theater company.”
    (Imago) Link verified 03/03

    Dramatourgeion — Theatre Offstage
    Sq Bullet Mnemosyne Sacred Drama Guild
    “We are a group of enthusiastic Portland, Oregon, amateurs who, since 1994, have produced an annual dramatic event as a benefit for the restoration of the Stonehenge Monument near Goldendale, Washington.”
    (MSDG) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Greek Dramatherapy in Greece and Cypress
    “This page has been created to help you understand more about Dramatherapy and to help you link with relevant Sites,Training Centers and Publications.”
    “Dramatherapy has as its main focus the intentional use of healing aspects of drama and theatre as the therapeutic process. It is a method of working and playing that uses action methods to facilitate creativity, imagination, learning, insight and growth.”
    (Dr. D. Kyriacou) Link verified 03/03

    Ôdeion — Theatre Onscreen
    Sq Bullet The Internet Movie Database
    “Prepare yourself for the biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet.”
    (IMDb) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Drew’s Script-o-Rama
    “So many movie scripts — it blows the mind.” From Austin Powers to Zen Differential. Recently added scripts: Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, Mystery Of The Wax Museum.
    (Script-o-Rama) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Oregon Onscreen
    Rd Bullet Portland Movie Page
    (moviepundit.com) 03/03
    Rd Bullet Cinema 21
    Portland,OR. “Cinema 21 is an independently-owned, locally-operated movie theater.” Portland’s home for art, indy, and alternative film.
    (Cinema 21) Link verified 03/03
    Rd Bullet Northwest Film Center
    “The Portland Art Museum Northwest Film Center is a regional media arts resource and service organization based in Portland, Oregon founded to encourage the study, appreciation and utilization of the moving image arts, foster their artistic and professional excellence, and to help create a climate in which they may flourish. The Center provides a variety of film and video exhibition, education and information programs primarily directed to the residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.”
    (Portland Art Museum) Link verified 03/03
    Rd Bullet McMenamins Theater Pubs Schedules
    Portland,OR. McMenamins brewpub theatres.
    (McMenamins) Link verified 03/03
    Rd Bullet Yahoo Movies Showtimes
    (Yahoo!) Link verified 03/03

    Audion — Theatre Of the Mind (Radio and Audio Drama)
    Sq Bullet ZBS Foundation
    Fort Edwards, NY. “Welcome to ZBS! Contemporary audio drama with the swish of satin and the bite of a piranha!”
    The talented people who have been chronicling the mind-expanding adventures of Jack Flanders, Mojo Sam the Yoodoo Man, Little Frieda, and Ruby for 25 years.
    (ZBS) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet The House of Firesign
    “...the Biggest Heap O’ Firesign Theatre on the Net” Also, Home of the Firesign Theater Webring.
    (Benway) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Radio Free Oz
    “Pete Bergman's RADIO FREE OZ
    The Funny Bone of the Internet! Real Audio-Comedy from the top comedic cyber-visionaries”
    (Peter Bergman) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet Radio Theater on the Web
    “Radio has wings. It has no stage to keep it within the limits of a proscenium arch, no camera to confine to things that may be seen. The imagination of the listener is our most ardent and helpful collaborator.”
    -- Jerome Lawrence, from Off Mike, 1944
    (J. Stearns) New! 03/03
    Sq Bullet Radio Days
    Old Time Radio--A Soundbite History.
    (J. Widner) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet LodesTone Audio Theatre Catalog
    “The Lodestone Catalog is the source for contemporary audio theater. This means new and exciting works, not "old-time radio." Although we are fans of the old stuff, we specialize in works by people who are currently producing new works.”
    (LodesTone) Link verified 03/03
    Sq Bullet WCRS Radio Stage
    Listen to RealAudio streaming audio drama from Studio X.
    (WCRS/Hosiprog) New! 03/03
    Sq Bullet ACB Classic Radio Trove
    Listen to RealAudio streaming Old Time Radio from the American Council of the Blind.
    (Am. Council for the Blind) New! 03/03

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