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Resources for the Study & Practice of the

Celtic Tricephalos
Welcome to the Hermetic Fellowship
Celtic Resources...
This site is dedicated to serving as a general resource for students and practitioners of the Western Hermetic Tradition, and as a specific resource for the Alexandrine Temple of the Hermetic Fellowship, located in Portland, Oregon, USA..

This list is provided as an informational resource. Though some truly fine organizations and resources are listed here, not all that are listed are well known to the Hermetic Fellowship. Therefore, the appearance of a group or other resource in this listing does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the Hermetic Fellowship. In becoming involved with any group or teacher, the seeker should always exercise his or her reason and intuition. Caveat Quæstor

Bullet Celtic Studies Bibliography
Maintained by the Celtic Studies Association of North America.
(CSANA) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Imbas Celtic Reading List (Imbas) New! 03/01
Bullet Celtic Bibliography — Celtic Spirituality and Archaeology
Maintained by Rowan Fairgrove.
(Fairgrove Conjureworks) New! 03/01
Bullet A Celtic Bibliography: Some Reading Possibilities (B.L. Jones) New! 03/01
Bullet Arthurian & Celtic Bibliography (Ynys Witrin) New! 03/01
Bullet Druidic Resources
Maintained by the Hermetic Fellowship
(HF) Updated! 03/01
Bullet Grail & Arthurian Resources
Maintained by the Hermetic Fellowship
(HF) Updated! 03/01
Bullet Celtic Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQ of soc.culture.celtic.
(C. Cockburn, G. Nolan) New! 03/01
Bullet The Encyclopaedia of the Celts
Based on quotations from literature, myth, legend, fiction and history. Site & HTML by David Wright.
(Knud Mariboe) New! 03/01
Bullet CeltNet
An online Celtic community
(celt.net) New! 03/01
Bullet Celtic Heart
This site is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt this...to all of you who have touched your Celtic heritage and fallen in love.
(Celtic Heart) New! 03/01
Bullet Imbas
Imbas is an Old Irish word meaning 'poetic inspiration'. Imbas is an organization that promotes the spiritual path of Senistrognata, the ancestral customs of the Celtic peoples. It is a path open to Pagans, Christians, and Agnostics alike.
(Imbas) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Ord Brighideach
We of Ord Brighideach have heard and have answered Her call. We are a Brighidine order of flame-keepers engaging in devotional work to Brighid.
(OB) New! 03/01
Bullet Inis Glas Thoir
Inis Glas Thoir is based in MD. It is a developing study group using a taped educational series of the Inis Glas Hedge School, plus material written by other Inis Glas members. The group is facilitated by John Machate, owner of this website and student of the founder of Inis Glas.
(J. Machate) New! 03/01
Bullet The Nemeton
The nemeton is a sacred grove, the holy precinct of the tribe. Within it, druids, poets, musicians, scholars and wise ones assemble to give reverence to the Gods and Goddesses and to learn, teach, and share their experience. This nemeton is a mailing list for Druids and other Celtic Pagans and their friends. It is a place for research, reflection, debate and discussion.
(Nemeton) New! 03/01
Bullet PaddyNet
Many of PaddyNet's users first came to the site to browse The Island, our hypertext of Ireland and its mythology. But that was then, and this, well, this is now.
The Island is getting bigger.
(PaddyNet, Inc.) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet The Celtic Flame (MP3 Radio Station)
“The Celtic Flame is a station for people who love Celtic Music that is beautiful, meaningful, and romantic. We add new music regularly so the selection never gets boring. Celtic music is an important part of our culture, and its popularity is growing.” Streaming mp3 audio!
New! 03/01
Bullet Highland Folklore: The Secret Commonwealth Revisited
G. Dearn, in Dalriada Magazine 1993.
(Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet The Mabinogion
Trans. Lady Charlotte Guest.
(Celtic Twilight) New! 03/01
Bullet The Fate of the Children of Lir
Eng. trans. Lady Gregory.
(M. Sundermeier) New! 03/01
Bullet Oisin and Patrick
Eng. trans. Lady Gregory.
(M. Sundermeier) New! 03/01
Bullet Early Irish Lyric Poetry
Eng. trans. Kuno Meyer.
(M. Sundermeier) New! 03/01
Bullet CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts
A project of University College Cork.
(CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts) New! 03/01
Bullet Annals of the Four Masters
The Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland in English translation. Trans. John O'Donovan. Compiled by Emma Ryan.
(CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts) New! 03/01
Bullet Táin Bó Cúalnge from the Book of Leinster
The Táin in English translation. Trans. C. O'Rahilly. compiled by Donnchadh Ó Corráin.
(CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts) New! 03/01
Bullet A Welsh Course
This course is one suitable for beginners. The main emphasis of the course is in developing conversational skills in Welsh as it is currently spoken (as contrasted with teaching the forms needed for understanding literary Welsh).
(M. Nodine) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Gaelic Dictionaries Online
Searchable Manx, Scottich, and Irish Gaelic Dictionaries.
(centar.org) New! 03/01
Bullet Celtic Fonts
For the Mac and the PC.
(S. mac Suibhne) New! 03/01
Bullet More Celtic Fonts
Currently (03/01) just Gailge font for the Mac.
(Yamada Language Center, Univ. of Oregon) New! 03/01
Bullet Celtic Folklore: The People of the Mounds (Dmitri) Broken Link! 03/01
Bullet The Celts (Nonprofit Archæology) (TC) Broken Link! 03/01
Bullet Dalriada Celtic Heritage (Dalriada) Broken Link! 03/01
Bullet Kernewek
Cornish language.
(jlobb) Broken Link! 03/01
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