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The Druids were philosophers and teachers of youth. They gave not only lessons in theology and mythology but also spoke much about the course of the stars, about the nature of all things, and the magnitude of the universe.
—Julius Pokorny, ‘The Origins of Druidism’ The Celtic Review (1908)
Welcome to the Hermetic Fellowship
Druidry Resources...
This site is dedicated to serving as a general resource for students and practitioners of the Western Hermetic Tradition, and as a specific resource for the Alexandrine Temple of the Hermetic Fellowship, located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

This list is provided as an informational resource. Though some truly fine organizations and resources are listed here, not all that are listed are well known to the Hermetic Fellowship. Therefore, the appearance of a group or other resource in this listing does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the Hermetic Fellowship. In becoming involved with any group or teacher, the seeker should always exercise his or her reason and intuition. Caveat Quæstor.

Bullet Druidry Reading List
Under development by the Hermetic Fellowship
(HF) Under Construction
Bullet Druidism Guide
Brendan Myers’ intro to Druidry, formerly the FAQ on Druidism
(Cathbad) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids
The most prolific and influential of the Orders of the current Druidic Renaissance
(OBOD) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship
The largest NeoPagan Druid organization in the U.S., committed to providing a well-researched and completely open tradition of Druidry for anyone seeking the Old Ways
(ADF) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Henge of Keltria
A Neopagan Druid Tradition devoted to the study and practice of modern Celtic Druidism, which they call Keltrian Druidism.
(HoK) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet British Druid Order
Phillip Shallcrass’s & Emma Restall Orr’s Druid Order
(BDO) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet An Faoi Dhraíocht Draoi Oardyr - The Enchanted Druid Order
Alhaearn’s Western Rite of Druidry, a pluralistic, neo-pagan movement characterised by a nature-centric view of divinity
(EDO) New! 03/01
Bullet Reformed Druids of North America
The group that started it all in American Druidry at Carleton College back in ’63.
(RDNA) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet The Order Of Druids In Ulster
Clive Culbertson's Irish Druidic Order
(ODU) New! 03/01
Bullet Druid Archives
Archives of American Druidry
(RDNA) New! 03/01
Bullet Deutscher Druiden-Orden VAOD e.V.
German Druid Order (site in German/Deutsch)
(VAOD) New! 03/01
Bullet Philip Carr-Gomm Home Page
Home page of OBOD’s Chosen Chief
(OBOD) New! 03/01
Bullet Isaac Bonewits’ Homepage
“Paganizing the Mainstream by Mainstreaming Paganism”
Welcome to my cybernetic grove and virtual stone circle! This website contains materials by and about Isaac Bonewits...
(neopagan.net) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Insular Order of Druids
Dylan ap Thuin's Druid Order
(IOD) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Boston Grove, OBOD
The Boston Grove of OBOD began as a Seed-Group in 1992...
(Boston Grove) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Awen: The Holy Spirit of Druidry
An article by Greywolf (Philip Shallcrass)
(BDO) New! 03/01
Bullet The Nemeton
Note: The Nemeton Home Page is temporarily offline for updates and improvements.
(Inisglas/Lorax) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Foclóir Draíochta — Dictionary of Druidism
A dictionary of Gaelic Druidic terms Seán Ó Tuathail.
(Imbas) New! 03/01
Bullet Celtic Resources
Maintained by the Hermetic Fellowship
(HF) New! 03/01
Bullet Grail & Arthurian Resources
Maintained by the Hermetic Fellowship
(HF) New! 03/01
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