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Welcome to the Hermetic Fellowship
Grail & Arthurian Resources...
This site is dedicated to serving as a general resource for students and practitioners of the Western Hermetic Tradition, and as a specific resource for the Alexandrine Temple of the Hermetic Fellowship, located in Portland, Oregon, USA.
Bullet Grail & Arthurian Reading List
Under development by the Hermetic Fellowship
(HF) Under Construction
Bullet Arthurian Booklist (C. Tittle Moore) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Arthuriana Journal
The Journal of the International Arthurian Society
(Arthuriana) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet The Camelot Project
The project, begun in 1995, is designed to make available in electronic format a database of Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information.
(Robbins Library, Univ. of Rochester) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet ArthurNet
Home page for Arthurian mailing list
(J. Shoal) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet King Arthur and the Early British Kingdoms: History and Legend
With timelines, sources & texts, biographies
(Britannia.com) New! 03/01
Bullet Oxford Arthurian Society
The Arthurian Society, founded in 1982, exists to explore the figure of King Arthur in history, literature and legend.
(OAS) New! 03/01
Bullet Text: The High History of the Holy Grail
Trans. Sebastian Evans (1898). Prepared by D.B. Killings.
(Online Mediæval & Classical Library) New! 03/01
Bullet Mediæval Graal Texts and Conteurs
Brief summations of the principal mediæval Grail texts
(R. Raider) New! 03/01
Bullet The Holy Grail
A site for the Holy Grail resource material
(Kirk.Burkins) New! 03/01
Bullet Welsh Arthurian Literature
a brief guide to the manuscripts and the literature within them concerning Arthur
(Thomas Green) New! 03/01
Bullet Myrddin/Merlin
(Thomas Green) New! 03/01
Bullet Some Aspects of the Graal Legend
By, A.E. Waite, in The Occult Review, Vol. V, No. 3; March 1907
(adepti.com) New! 03/01
Bullet Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
A collection of G&TGK links
(procluVerifieds) New! 03/01
Bullet Knights, Protectors of the Realm
Notes on Knighthood and the Grail
(M.J. Knecht) New! 03/01
Bullet The Holy Grail
History and legends of the most important relic of Christendom
(M. Tomatis) New! 03/01
Bullet Parsifal and the Holy Grail
Re-told by Joseph Kerrick
(J. Kerrick) New! 03/01
Bullet Perceval or The Story of the Grail
Trans. K. McElhearn
(K. McElhearn) New! 03/01
Bullet Peredur the Son of Evrawc
Trans. Lady Charlotte Guest. Welsh version of Percival.
(Camelot Project) New! 03/01
Bullet Grail Art
Paintings inspired by the Grail Legends
(Camelot Project) New! 03/01
Bullet The Role of the Knights Templar in the Grail Legend (J. Griffin) New! 03/01
Bullet The Legend of the Holy Grail (J. Griffin) New! 03/01
Bullet Magical Glastonbury
Article by Geoffrey Ashe
(Britannia.com) New! 03/01
Bullet Merovingian Order of the Holy Grail
“The principle Order of this esoteric body is the Order of the Holy Grail, founded by Joseph of Arimathea in 54AD at Rheddae (Rennes le Chateau) France. This order exists in an unbroken lineage of succession from that time. ”
(OHG) New! 03/01
Bullet Temple of the Holy Grail
“T:.H:.G:. is a Priestly or Hieratic White-Robed Lodge of the Christ under the Master Jesus.”
(THG) New! 03/01
Bullet Druidry Resources
Maintained by the Hermetic Fellowship
(HF) Updated! 03/01
Bullet Celtic Resources
Maintained by the Hermetic Fellowship
(HF) Updated! 03/01
Bullet Avalon: Arthurian Heaven (Avalon) Broken Link! 03/01
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